Day of Remembrance and Solidarity 2020

Отправлено sasha от 01.03.2020 - 06:33

Recently, we voted on a date for Day of Remembrance and Solidarity with the victims of pedophobia.

Based on the results of the poll, for the year 2020 we propose observing this day at July 14. It's the day of the murder of Bijan Ebrahimi, who fell victim to public hatred of pedophiles. (He wasn't a pedophile, but that doesn’t matter.)

We understand that the poll was far from ideal for a number of reasons:

  1. Only a small number of people could paticipate. Many simply did not know about the poll.
  2. There was no protection against voting twice etc.
  3. Among the proposed date options, many other options were not presented. For example, October 20 is the day on which elementary school teacher Neil Wilkes committed suicide because he was removed from work due to his 'inappropriate' relationship with the girl. He was in love with his 8-year-old student and before his death he sent her the message 'I love you and always will'.

If in the future the community agrees that a new poll is nessessary, then we will hold it in early 2021. Please continue to send us information about the victims of pedophobia. Based on the available materials, a memorial book will be compiled. A new site will be launched to collect information about victims.

How to mark this day? What can be done to express our solidarity? You can:

  • find out the address of some registered sex offender and write him a letter with words of support;
  • provide moral or material support to some person arrested for a crime against the sexual integrity of minors;
  • find information on violation of human rights due to pedophobia and share it with other people;
  • write a comment on the Internet against pedophobia;
  • read materials about the victims of pedophobia and spend a minute of silence in memory of them;
  • or you can do whatever you see fit.